Preventing SPAM emails in your Account

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Prevent SPAM emails

Spam emails:
What is spam email?
First we need to talk about that what is spam emails… so spam email is unsolicited commercial or personal email, in other words spam email is that email that is trying to sell you something which we have not requested to get.
How an unauthorized person get my email address?
Spammers collect email addresses by various methods, the most common methods are mentioned here:

Dictionary Process:
Spammers use some special type of softwares to randomly generate email addresses for popular email providers. Like guess1 @, guess1 @ That softwares guess first part of email address like

Purchasing Third party emails list
Some spammers buy email addresses list from third parties. Some marketing or database collecting companies provide such email addresses list by unlawful manner.

Emails Harvester
Some spammers use special type of softwares called emails harvesters which scans webpages for email addresses and as they find the email address they collect and feed it in database. Mostly harvesters are used on social networking websites, known targeted websites, forums and message boards.
Steps to prevent SPAM emails :

  1. Give your email address to trusted sites only.
  2. Use at or (at) instead of “@” symbol while mentioning email address on web page or forums. Like  abc (at)
  3. Don’t provide email address while you see lucrative offers while surfing.
  4. Do not open Spam emails:  and don't click on any of their links in the email body, and don't buy anything from a spam-advertised websites.
  5. Do not Respond to Spam emails
  6. Mark Spam to spam emails before deleting those emails.
  7. You should use Your Email Client's Spam Filter facility.
  8. Do not enter your email address in Online Promotions or online Contests.


Reporting against SPAM emails in the U.S. 
For More Info. Visit :
CAN-SPAM ACT (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act).